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I went into town today to see the chiropractor, then I thought I would look for a valentines gift for my sweet heart. I found a large bulky object, to be disclosed later, then had to carry it to the front of the store and though the cattle lines to the cashier. Yeah, probably not the smartest thing to do after a back adjustment, right?
So then I go to meet a friend for coffee. My back is hurting, of course, so I decide to just take my wallet and my phone into the coffee shop and leave my large purse buried in the van under stuff because it’s just to heavy for me today. We had a great visit, then I went to reach for my keys…
There were no keys. Guess what I locked in the van with my purse? Genius! Thankfully my friend hadn’t left yet and I was able to get a ride over to where My husband works, instead of having to walk a 1/2 mile in the cold and rain, without the coat, that I had left at home today! I know, smart-right?OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I am clearly on a roll today!
I walked into the store and said to my husband “Please tell me you have the extra van key on you today!” To which he said, “YEP!” with a bewildered look on his face. I tell him “Story later, got to run!”
Happiest day of my life!!! Well close anyway! God is good! Yep,
~I love My Life!