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I got good news last night! I was promoted to lead coach of the little boys gymnastics team.

I was so proud of my boys as they gathered around the pool before their big competition. As I was looking around for something (can’t remember what) I accidentally bumped into the soccer referee and nearly knocked him into the pool. He was very upset with me, but not for bumping him, NO, it was because I was wearing my pajamas to the gymnastics meet. I though to myself, how can this be? I know I spent time picking out my cloths for my first big day! It was so tragic. So I told my boys was going to run home and change quick and be right back. I felt so bad leaving them by themselves when they must be nervous about competing.

So I rushed out into the parking lot to look for my car. The parking lot was more then full as the collage across the street was having a graduation today day as well. I walked quickly through the lot looking up and down the isles to try and see my car. I walked through buildings and tunnels and even a few tents looking for my car when I finally found my little white diaper wipes box that had a few of my purse items in it. What is this doing here, I wondered? Well at least now I had my keys. ( You see I had lost my purse earlier and had to make due with the diaper wipes container.) A few tunnels latter I found my purse as well, but still No car. Then just across the way I thought I spotted my daughters red pick up truck. Just as I turn to head for the truck someone touches my head and wakes me up.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATotally confused I jump and say “WHAT?”

My husband just replies with “I Love You!”

I ask him if I was talking in my sleep or if he needed something?

he said “NOPE! I was just thinking about how much I love you and wanted to tell you.”

So my dreams might be a total chaotic mess, but thank God My real life is wonderfully put together.

I smiled as he said “I’m sorry I woke you.” I told him that I loved him too and turned back over and went back to sleep.

When I woke for the day I rolled over to get out of bed and ran face first into the guest room mattress that is being stored beside our bed during the remodel. LOL! So maybe real life isn’t as pulled together as I would like! ~~~ I Love My Life!