12512315_10153292609467548_5967448448657354210_nI am so excited to announce that my Colored Pencil Piece “Cow Tagging” is Featured in Jan 2016’s  Color Magazine!  2015 was an amazing year for me and my art. In January like many of you I set 3 goals for myself.

#1. Was to Be in at least two art shows.

#2. Was to teach art classes

#3. Was to become more business minded

The year started out with me planning my son’s wedding and I was so wrapped up in it that I didn’t have much time for my art. Then one day my sister came over to visit and told me that “I have just been down to the local art shop and I asked them if they needed teachers. To which they said they did, so I told them that my sister  I would love to teach for them. I gave them your card!”

Well I was shocked, I told her no! I couldn’t possibly. I had a wedding to plan and so much going on. Pretty much came up with every excuse possible. I agreed to pray about it, and told her I would go down and meet them in a week. Well that interview went so well. I just fell in love with the ladies that run the shop. SO in February after my son’s wedding I started teaching. I have been teaching and loving ever since.

Of course now that I was teaching at Ye Olde Art Shoppe, they wanted some of my art hanging in their gallery. I was also able to hang one of my works as a member of the Umpqua Valley Arts Member Show. I was also contacted by Mind Power Gallery in late summer, who were interested in hanging my Tree series acrylic paintings.