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So A while back my husband and I came across some birch logs that someone was just going to get rid of. I wanted them immediately to use for pedestals for putting Art pieces on. Well as they started to dry out one of them started to have it’s bark peel. It was just a little at first so I didn’t think anything of it. But then the other day I noticed that it was coming lose big time. So I decided to help it a little. My first thought was that maybe if I socked it in water I could slowly flatten it out and then paint on it. But when it came free it was so beautiful just the way it was.CAM00376So I decided that I was going to make a wall sculpture piece with it. First I let it dry a little in the sun and cleaned it up a bit with a big brush. Making sure to get any decay off of it. Then after it was dry I put a coat of clear none yellowing varnish over it, front and back.

Then I had to think about how I was going to mount this thing on the wall. I tend to do my best creative thinking at night right before I fall asleep. So true to form just as I was ready to dose off the answer came to me. I would cut out wooden shelf like shapes that would be the perfect couture of the bark so that it would hold it’s shape and give me something to nail a backing board to.CAM00382

This was a little tricky but with some cardboard to make templates I eventually got the shapes I needed. Then I just traced those shapes on a piece of wood and cut them out with a jig saw. I then nailed them in place with a nail gun that was powered by an air compressor.

I then cut out a backing panel that I would nail (with nail gun) to the shelf like support boards. Once this was done I needed to drill wholes in the backing board to be able to hang it on the wall.


Here is where it got a little trickier. Since this piece is a little heavy I wanted to make sure I was nailing into the studs instead of just the sheet rock. So, because I wanted to hang it over the guest bed,  I found the center of my head board with a tape measure and marked my wall. Then I took my stud finder and located the two nearest studs.  I found that they were 15 1/2″ apart.

Next I  measured the sculpture to find it’s center. Then I measured from each center to each stud and found the placement of where I should drill my hanging holes.

Once the nails were in the wall, The piece went up. I looks even more fabulous that I thought it would! Our guest room is painted in a grayed moss green with white trim, so this was the perfect accent pice for the room.


What do you think?


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