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Everywhere I look I see that WE the People are settling. I look at the News and see two very corrupt power hungry people running for the once most honorable leadership position of our nation. I read comments on Facebook and see that neither party is truly happy with their party’s candidates, but we all seem to limit ourselves to sitting back on our laurels and complaining on social media about our lack of choices. Chanting on and on about how we have to vote for our platform, or worse, the lesser of two evils. Everyone is making up excuses and reasoning away why to make it morally right to vote for one of these horribly unethical candidates.


The thing that is the most amazing to me is that we are totally missing the power of we the people in this day and age. We live in a very unique time. We see things happen in real time as videos go viral overnight. Why? Because one person shares it with his friends on Facebook or Twitter, who in turn, shares it with their friends and on and on. We all use this amazing tool to complain, while we are missing the opportunity to use it to bypass this terrible mess we are in. Why are we settling for one of these candidates? Why are we feeling powerless as if we are forced to choose between the two?


We the People have the power, but we have misplaced it or forgotten it!  We have the right to vote. That is totally awesome! It is a privilege, yet we have succumbed to the lie that our lone vote doesn’t count and we forget that we are not alone or isolated anymore.


If people can organize a flash mob event, or protest, rally on the capital…

Why can’t we start a movement to write in a candidate that we could stand behind? I know there were many candidates running this year. I understand that it would be difficult for us all to agree on one, but why not try. Any one candidate has to be better then the two candidates we have now. Right?


I know that many of you are going to say that this will divide our votes and that the other party will win by default. However, isn’t that the old way of thinking? Lets face it–things have changed. We do not live in the days and times of our grandfathers. We live in the computer age a time of social media,Facebook, Youtube, twitter,  where people become famous over night because of the way they laugh, or because their cat did something so darn cute we just have to see it. Right? We the People use social media for everything. Every one of us has a phone in our hand or pocket most of the time. Come on; let’s start a movement!


I know it’s late in the game, but like I said, these things can happen overnight if we will all share a vision and the idea to do it.


I don’t know about you, but my faith will not allow me to vote for either of these totally corrupt, arrogant evil people that are running for president.


I can’t and I won’t!


If you are feeling trapped into a choice you don’t want to make, but still believe in the American democracy we live in, join me and try to make our voices heard.


I will wright in the name Ben Carson