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Why is it that I am always chasing bunnies?1-0410170941b

Have you ever seen a stray kitten or bunny and just had the urge to catch it and keep it? Yeah! Me too. Why is that?

Last year we had a kitten come into our back year, and even though I am not an animal person I found my self chasing this kitten around trying to catch it. Then all Of the sudden it hit me, What are you going to do once you catch it? Do you really want a cat? When I realized the answer was NO, I stopped chasing it.

The next day a larger kitten came into my year while I was laying in my hammock. So instead of chasing it I just laid there, and so did she. So then I decided to call her and see if she would come to me. Which she did, and when I started to pet her I realized this kitten was a momma. Then all the bells and whistles went off and I realized she was the momma of the kitten I had seen the day before. As I pet her I realized that she was skin and bones.

Now I usually have a rule about not feeding stray cats or they will never leave, but I couldn’t leave this little momma and her babies starve so I broke my rule and fed her. The next day she brought her two babies and she is now our kitty.


SO, this morning I see this big bunny in our front yard. Again I am off chasing this fuzzy creature. Again compelled by some unseen force to touch and cuddle this fuzzy bunny. Yet the thought comes to me again, what would I do with this bunny if I did catch him. And the answer? I don’t know. But I still want to catch him! LOL!


So why do I chase kitties and bunnies? It puzzles me! I really am not an animal person, but there is something magical about fuzzy furry little creatures that make even people like me go a little on the crazy side. LOL!

Well I didn’t catch him. though he did start to come to me when I called him and if it wasn’t for a car driving by at just that moment and scaring him away I may have been able to catch him. Well, Maybe tomorrow i’ll go a little crazy again if i look out my window and spot him eating in my flower garden again. 😀